special features

featured researcher

ai-cbr features prominent researchers in case-based reasoning, with links to the researchers' work & web sites. The featured researcher is updated at regular intervals throughout the year, so come back often - you never know, it could be you! Former featured researchers can be found in the CBR Hall of Fame  

featured paper

ai-cbr features research papers for downloading. Classic, current or sometimes controversial, these papers are essential reading for anyone involved in case-based reasoning. Noteworthy past papers can be found in the CBR Hall of Fame

featured project

getting the idea by now? ai-cbr features research and commercial projects that use case-based reasoning . We're particularly likely to feature projects that use CBR on the web and have online demos. The featured project is updated regularly, so come back often. Past featured projects can be found in the CBR Hall of Fame.  

featured book

We'll recommend great books for you to read and guide you to where you can buy them online. Of course we'll recommend any new CBR books that come out, but we'll also recommend general AI, machine learning, Internet and programming books, and once in a while a book to curl up and relax with. The featured book is regularly updated, so come back often. 

applying case-based reasoning

APPLYING CASE-BASED REASONING: techniques for enterprise systems - Ian's book is being hailed as, "a MUST have book for anyone in the case-based reasoning community." We have to agree -- really, we do have to agree, our jobs depend on it. You'll find a description of the book, a full table of contents and ordering information here.

photo reports

ai-cbr attends all the major CBR conferences and workshops (and other AI conferences) and writes a report on the meeting complete with photos and links to papers you can download. So even if you couldn't attend you can virtually be there.