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Human-level AI's Killer Application: Interactive Computer Games by John E. Laird and Michael van Lent. Proc. AAAI 2000, pp. 1171-1178. AAAI Press / The MIT Press.

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But this isn't a CBR paper....No, it isn't, but it is a stimulating paper nonetheless. This paper was the topic of an invited talk at AAAI 2000 in Austin Texas in July. Laird makes a very convincing arguement that the future of product development in computer games (the Doom & Quake variety not chess and go) is in AI, since soon they all will have movie quality photo realistic graphics. CBR would seem ideally suited to this application. Since games that could learn opponents' strategies and game playing styles and reuse and adapt them (all in real time of course) would significantly enhance the playability of the games. So if you're looking for a PhD topic how about case-based gaming!

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