ICCBR'99 Photo Report

The 3rd. International Case-Based Reasoning Conference (ICCBR'99) was held at the beautiful and peaceful Monastery Seeon, in Bavaria Germany from July 27th. to 30th. 1999. This was the third conference in the ICCBR series, which started in 1995 in Portugal and then in 1997 in Rhode Island USA (the ICCBR'97 photo report is here). It has now become traditional for ai-cbr to write a report with photos of these conferences. If you attended the conference and would like your views or opinions included in this report please email them to ian@ai-cbr.org (I'd particularly like help with the some of the early morning sessions, as you'll see later).

the Monastery Seeon

a view across the lake As the photographs show the venue was idyllic, almost surrounded by a lake with the gentle hills of Bavaria leading up into the foothills of the Alps. We were also blessed by perfect weather (so good it actually made it difficult for some to stay in doors). The conference organisers deserve full-marks for the choice of setting and for the faultless organisation of the whole event.
the west wing Beautiful though the Monastery was, it did have one disconcerting feature - namely it was very hard to find one's way around because of the lack of reference features within the corridors. These two photos, of the west wing on the left and the east wing on the right, illustrate the orientation problem! the east wing
The conference was structured as follows:

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Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Ralph Bergmann & Karl Branting
ICCBR'99 Co-Chairs

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Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development : Third International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, ICCBR-99, Seeon Monastery, Germany, July 27-30 by Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Ralph Bergmann & L. Karl Branting (Eds.). Lecture Notes in AI 1650, Springer, Berlin. ISBN 3-540-66237-5

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