featured project

The purpose of this feature is to encourage CBR researchers and developers to disseminate details of their research projects via the Internet. If you do not have a web site with information on your research project you will not have the honour of being a featured project. We are particularly likely to feature projects which can be run over the web either by CGI scripting or as Java applets. You can send us details of your project's web site by using the ai-cbr information form.

current feature

CBR Configuration Tool (demo)

This system the AI & KBS group at the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany. Their work shows how the adaptation capabilities of CBR can be used for product customization (the online demo is of PC configuration). Products are be structured hierarchally into sub-components. Adaptation incrementally replacesunsuitable sub-components through recursively applying CBR to find best-matching alternative sub-components. This approach requires little explicit domain knowledge, it does not require a generative problem solver and finally, it provides the capability to handle over orunder specified customer demands.

last updated 03/10/00

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