4th European Workshop On Case-Based Reasoning

This is the third in ai-cbr's now traditional photo reports on the major international CBR conferences. All the usual caveats apply. This report only represents my comments on the event. If you attended EWCBR4 and have different views then please send them to the ai-cbr information officer and they will be added to this report. If you had a paper at EWCBR4 and it is available for downloading and you'd like to link it to this report please email the URL to the ai-cbr information officer.

EWCBR4 was held at Trinity College, right in the heart of Dublin. It was an extremely convenient location with the all the delights of Dublin completely surrounding the College. Most of the people attending the conference stayed in student accommodation within the College which was very comfortable, convenient and cheap.

Trinity College Front Gate
the front gate at Trinity College

Although the majority of the buildings of Trinity College are Georgian, perhaps appropriately, the Computer Science Dept. and the conference was held in the modern O'Reilly Building. Once again the facilities available convinced me that Universities make much better conference venues than hotels. Purpose built lecture theatres with modern audio-visual equipment are so much better than hotel ballrooms.

the O'Reilly Building
the O'Reilly Building

The conference was divided into three days:

The photo report is divided into three separate pages:

If you do not want to see the photos I suggest you turn off the "show pictures" option in your browser, otherwise be prepared to wait while they download.

the atrium inside the O'Reilly Building
the atrium inside the
O'Reilly Building

The original EWCBR98 web site is still here.

The music playing is a traditional Irish reel called "Sleepy Maggie". If you like this stuff go to the Traditional Irish Tunes web site where you can download other midi files.



the beautiful Long Library at Trinity College

the Long Library

ai-cbr, 1998