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ewcbr series re-branded (Oct 2000)

The European Workshop on CBR (EWCCBR) series held biannually since 1993 is being re-branded as "The European Conference on Case-Based Reasoning" (ECCBR). It was decided (in the usual community way) at EWCBR2k that this change is name will better reflect the true nature of ECCBR as an international conference. ECCBR will still alternate annually with the ICCBR series. The next ECCBR will be hosted by the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen Scotland in 2002.

ewcbr2k photo report online (Oct 2000)

Although ai-cbr could not attend EWCBR2K this year (hard to believe I know), we can still bring you the now traditional photo report from the conference. Many many thanks to: Lorraine McGinty, Elizabeth McKenna, Maria Angela FerrarioRachael Rafter, Keith Bradley, Paul Cotter, and Barry Smyth of the Smart Media Institute, University College Dublin, Ireland for preparing this conference report.

view the ewcbr2k photo report

ai-cbr moves to new zealand (April 2000)

Well the BIG story is that ai-cbr has moved from cold damp UK to warm sunny New Zealand. After 10 years at the University of Salford Ian has moved to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland and ai-cbr has moved with him. However you shouldn't see any difference in ai-cbr except that we have launched an ai-cbr Pacific mirror site to complement our main US server and existing European mirror site.

Inference is acquired by eGain (March 2000)

Inference has been partnering with eGain for a while now and eGain has taken advantage of Inference's low stock price and obvious synergy to acquire Inference. It's still too early to say what this will mean for our old friends but you can find out the latest news at their respective web sites: www.inference.com www.egain.com 

k-Commerce Support Enterprise launched (October 99)

Inference ( the big US player in the CBR market) have announced the launch of k-Commerce Support Enterprise 1.0, a scalable, Web-architected customer service and support solution that replicates the experience of the best customer service representatives to provide fast, accurate and consistent answers to customers. ai-cbr was fortunate to spend a couple of days with Inference pre-release of the product and advises you to throw away all of your preconceptions about Inference's products. k-Commerce Enterprise is a complete re-write of their product. Textual similarity matching is greatly improved and numeric similarity is now handled well. But, the big innovation is the product's seamless integration with external information sources such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft SiteServer. Check it out!

ICCBR'99 photo report is online now

CBR @ IJCAI'99 photo report is online now


ReMInd Software Rights (april 99)

The Fine Tech Group are offering exclusive rights to the ReMind software package. Any reasonable offer will be considered. Further information can be obtained from fine.tech.group@snet.net.us or by downloading this file (16K Acrobat pdf file).


TECINNO sponsors ai-cbr (march 99)

TECINNO has decided to sponsor ai-cbr. Their sponsorship will go towards paying for our web hosting and design expenses and will cover some of the cost of running the 4th. UK CBR Workshop this coming September. If your organisation would like to become a sponsor of ai-cbr further information can be found here.


Inference rebadges (january 99)

Inference Corp. has rebadged its CBR3 product line, which is now called k-Commerce. This is to better position the product as both a pre an post sales product using knowledge to support product sales and support (e-Commerce - k-Commerce, get it?). They've also changed their logo. Check all the changes out on their new web site.


Haley Enterprise sponsors ai-cbr

The Haley Enterprise has decided to sponsor ai-cbr. Their sponsorship will go towards paying for our web hosting and design expenses and will cover some of the cost of running the 4th. UK CBR Workshop this coming September. If your organisation would like to become a sponsor of ai-cbr further information can be found here.


ewcbr-98 photo report (02/10/98)

A full report on this important workshop along with links to researchers web sites and downloadable papers is now available here.


CBR-Works version 3.0 (28/09/98)

We've been given a version of this state-of-the-art CBR tool. As soon as we've had the time to get to grips with it and give it a thorough checkout we'll be passing on our views to you all (once we've checked our comments with the guys at tecInno). Ian had a brief look at the tool at EWCBR4 in Dublin and it looked great. Just think of everything you'd want a CBR tool to do and CBR-Works seems to do it - or will do in the next release. Watch this space!


4th UK CBR workshop (20/09/98)

The 4th UK CBR Workshop (UKCBR4) will be held at the University of Salford on Sept. 15th 1999. The call for papers is out now.


online    bibliography of CBR (12/02/98)

ai-cbr has developed an on-line searchable bibliography of over 600 references on all aspects of case-based reasoning. You can search within any field or choose from specific fields such as "authors", "title" and "keywords". You can restrict the search to fall within specified years and you can simply browse the bibliography from A-Z. You can add your own publications to the bibliography and let us know if a reference is in correct.

So, go on why not have a look at the CBR bibliography database


amazon.com recommends cbr book (16/01/98)

The Computer Programming Editor of Amazon.com has selected "Applying Case-Based Reasoning: techniques for enterprise systems" by Ian Watson as one of his recommendations for January. His full review can be read here.


new internet search engine (01/01/98)

Inference Corp. has spun out a new subsidiary company called Zurf Inc. Their product called ZurfRider is a meta search engine that you can configure to use your favourite search engines. ZurfRider uses similar clustering algorithms as Inference's CBR3 Content Navigator to sort and organise returned hits and presents you with the opportunity to refine your search through a conversational interface. ai-cbr has been using a demo version for two months and finds it an excellent tool.


BYTE article (27/10/97)

BYTE magazine published a feature on CBR called "Corporate Memories" in their September 1997 issue. The feature is available on the web at: http://www.byte.com/art/9709/sec17/art1.htm



To help cover expenses, ai-cbr will  accept sponsorship from companies with an interest in CBR. All revenue this generates will be used to promote Case-Based Reasoning. Sponsorship does not imply endorsement of a product or service by ai-cbr or its employees. For further information, check the ai-cbr sponsorship page.