bsr consulting

BSR Consulting in Germany have over ten years of experience with CBR and can help you to:

  • decide whether using case-based reasoning will be worthwhile for you;
  • develop a seamless integrated solution for using a case-based reasoning component as a homogenous part of your existing DP infrastructure;
  • implement your case engineering process in a way that delivers high quality cases;
  • identify those routine cases that can be distributed through the web and find the right division of labour between your hotline personnel and your WWW server.

If you are looking for an experienced partner for your first CBR project they can accompany you through the whole process from case modelling to implementation and user training - including management and project organisation.

They have particular experience with CBR-Works from tecInno and KATE from AcknoSoft.



BSR Consulting
Wirtstrasse 38
phone: +49-89-69-55-45
fax: +49-89-69-51-58

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