ai-cbr is pleased to announce that TECINNO is a sponsor of this web site.

CBR-Works is an advanced tool that uses CBR for diagnostic support, information retrieval and product selection. It supports the use of existing databases as knowledge sources. It provides an object-oriented knowledge representation that supports international standards like CORBA to guarantee the integration of future software components. It also has excellent control over similarity metrics and web server integration. CBR-Works from TECINNO

A full review and feature comparison of the tools is given in the recent book Applying Case-Based Reasoning - techniques for enterprise systems. (note this review was writen based on a pre-release version of CBR-Works 1.0, it is now at version 4.0)


application suitability

Trouble shooting, complex diagnosis, data mining, product selection and other CBR applications, particularly e-commerce solutions



Windows NT, 95/98, OS/2, Apple Macintosh, Unix Systems of SUN, HP, SNI, SGI & Digital Alpha with Unix or Windows NT. A WebServer version Case-Works ONLINE is also available.



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