Knowledge Builder is a fast way to produce a customer support knowledge base containing a company's solutions and expertise. Knowledge Builder, with Expert Reasoning™, allows you to easily capture and organize the support advice of technicians by simply recording problems, causes, solutions, and questions (i.e., cases).. Web Advisor delivers the intelligent advice to customers and employees over the Internet or a corporate intranet. The interactive problem resolution offered by Web Advisor is an effective way for all users, regardless of how sophisticated they are, to solve their own problems and answer their own questions.

A full review and feature comparison of other tools is given in the recent book Applying Case-Based Reasoning - techniques for enterprise systems.


application suitability

Help desks, customer support, trouble shooting, diagnosis, product selection.



Windows 95/98 & NT (3.51 or 4.0) and Web server (with support for CGI).



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