KnowMan from Intellix uses a unique self generalizing learning algorithm. Historically AI has been divided into several major areas of research, one being Neural Nets and another being classical (or symbolic) AI. Neural Networks have mainly been concerned with learning and generalization while classical AI is concerned with reasoning. These are major aspects of what constitutes intelligence. Intellix A/S has incorporated both of these elements into a software framework called S.O.U.L. (Self-Optimising Universal Learner).

The core-technology behind S.O.U.L. is a combination of the best from Neural Networks, expert systems and their own inventions in the field of artificial intelligence.

A full review and feature comparison of other tools is given in the recent book Applying Case-Based Reasoning - techniques for enterprise systems.


application suitability

Trouble shooting,  diagnosis, data mining and other CBR applications.



Windows platforms and a webserver version is available.



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