the haley enterprise

The Haley EnterpriseIn addition to its AI Tool Eclipse, The Haley Enterprise offers several CBR products:

  • The Easy Reasoner is a CBR product that includes both associative memory and decision tree technologies in addition to the rule-based capabilities required for reasoning and case adaptation.
  • CPR (Case-based Problem Resolution) is a C++ class library that provides embeddable problem resolution based on case-retrieval and diagnosis.
  • Help!CPR is an application program for problem resolution and knowledge publishing based on CPR
  • ActivFiX -- CPR encapsulated in an embeddable Active X control for COM integration and Visual Basic applications.
  • CPR Server delivers Help!CPR to LAN or web clients and Java applications over the web.

A full review and feature comparison of the tools is given in the recent book Applying Case-Based Reasoning - techniques for enterprise systems.


application suitability

Help desks, customer support, trouble shooting, complex diagnosis, data mining and other CBR applications.



Development on Windows 3.1, 95/98, NT and a range of UNIX platforms.



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