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ESTEEM, from Esteem Software Inc., is written in Intellicorp’s Kappa-PC and is now in version 1.4. ESTEEM can Kappa’s inference engine, thus enabling developers to create adaptation rules. It supports applications that access multiple case-bases and nested cases. This means that one can reference another case-base through an attribute slot in a case. ESTEEM supports various similarity assessment methods including feature counting, weighted feature computation, inferred feature computation. It also can automatically generate feature weights, either using an ID3 weight generation method, or a gradient descent weight generation method. Moreover, users can incorporate their own similarity functions into ESTEEM if they wish. ESTEEM is very reasonably priced and is well suited as a teaching tool or an entry level CBR product.

A full review and feature comparison of the tools is given in the recent book Applying Case-Based Reasoning - techniques for enterprise systems.


application suitability

Help desks, customer support, trouble shooting, diagnosis, and other CBR applications.



Development on Windows 3.1, 95/98 & NT.



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This product is also distributed and supported by SHAI Inc.