ART*Enterprise is the latest incarnation of Brightware’s flagship development product. Brightware, based in California, were formerly a division of Inference Corporation, one of the oldest established vendors of AI tools and the major player in the Case-Based Reasoning tool market. Brightware market ART*Enterprise as an integrated, object-oriented, applications development tool, designed for MIS developers offering a variety of representational paradigms including: brightware
  • a procedural programming language;
  • objects supporting multiple inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism;
  • rules; and
  • Case-Based Reasoning.

This is all packaged with a GUI builder, sophisticated version control facilities, and an impressive ability to link to data repositories in most proprietary DBMS formats for developing client-server applications. Moreover, ART*Enterprise offers cross-platform support for most operating systems, windowing systems and hardware platforms (i.e., you can develop on one platform and deliver to others).

ART*Enterprise 2.0 Receives PCWEEK Analyst Choice Award!

A full review and feature comparison of the tools is given in the recent book Applying Case-Based Reasoning - techniques for enterprise systems.


application suitability

Client-server MIS applications and other CBR applications



Develop on Windows 95/98, NT, OS/2, Solaris etc...and deliver to almost any platform you care to mention. A WebServer version is also now available.



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