consultancy & training

ai-cbr can offer a range of consultancy and training services. ai-cbr's in depth knowledge of Case-Based Reasoning and its application can save your organization time and money. Let us help you deploy successful CBR applications.


what is CBR?

ai-cbr can provide a range of training courses and materials, from introductory reports, to half-day introductory training sessions, to an in-depth, week long, course equivalent to a postgraduate lecture course. Training can be tailored to end-user, management, and technical audiences.


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is my application right for CBR?

Unsure if Case-Based Reasoning is the right solution for you? Let ai-cbr help you decide. If we think you'd be better with a database application or a knowledge-based system we'll tell you straight.


which tool should I use?

ai-cbr has reviewed all the major CBR tools on the market and can demonstrate their functionality, strengths and weaknesses to you. Don't just listen to their salesmen, we are independent of all the tool vendors and can give you impartial advice.


how should I build my CBR system?

So you're going to build that CBR system. But have you covered all the bases? ai-cbr can bring the experience of dozens of projects to help you avoid pitfalls and leverage your investment.

research & development

ai-cbr has a world-class reputation in the CBR community and can undertake collaborative R&D with you . If you have an idea for a research project ai-cbr can provide a range of facilities from supervised graduate student research projects (1-6 months research) to doctoral dissertations (2-4 years). 


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