the cbr classroom

In the classroom you will find many resources to help you learn more about Case-Based Reasoning. These range from introductory papers and presentations to more advanced topics. If you have material which you think is suitable for this classroom please tell us by submitting the ai-cbr Information Form. In the long term ai-cbr plans to compile a resource for educators and students, which would include lecture notes, presentation materials, software, assignments and projects.

MLNET maintains a list of ML and related courses.

Here is a very good short video clip (RealMedia format) taken from a BBC 2 Horizon documentary on AI shown in the mid 1980s. The clip shows Mike Keane, of Inference doing some knowledge acquisition for a rule-based system and Herbert Dreyfus explaining that experts don't use rules - they use cases. The neat thing about this clip is it shows how AI people were thinking about CBR, but back in 1985 they didn't have the technology to do it or even a name for it!

If you are CBR-newbie a good place to start would be to look at Case-Based Reasoning: A review. This paper was published in The Knowledge Engineering Review in 1994. An HTML version of this paper is available for online reading.

A good introductory text book is Applying Case-Based Reasoning - techniques for enterprise systems.

Ralph Bergmann has prepared an excellent introductory CBR slide show (table of contents).

A variety of other introductory papers and presentations are available on the web: