case-base archive

ai-cbr used to maintain an archive of case-bases for use by researchers and developers. A link to the "travel case base" used by many CBR researchers still remains.

There are many data sets in the UCI ML Repository that are suitable for CBR research. The main distinction between data sets held there and case-bases here is that the ML data sets have a purpose (i.e., a data set may contain categories that an ML algorithm could discover). Case-bases do not necessarily have a purpose in the ML sense.

MLNET also maintains a list of links to ML data sets.

'ArchiveLady' PReill

Please note that this case-base is offered entirely unsupported. ai-cbr cannot help you with any problems you might encounter with them.

Approximately 1100 cases each with 11 attributes describing different holiday/hotel destinations. Because of the practical size and wide range of feature types this case-base has almost become a de facto standard within the CBR community. If you've invented a "better" retrieval algorithm you should test it against this case since you will then be able to compare your results with many others.