career opportunities

The following is a list of current career opportunities in Case-Based Reasoning around the world. If you have a Case-Based Reasoning vacancy please email the ai-cbr Information Officer.

If you are looking for a position please respond directly to the advertisers and not to ai-cbr.
Opportunities at ai-cbr (01/01/99)
At present there are no vacancies at ai-cbr. However, there is plenty of work to do. If you have some free time and would like to help the Case-Based Reasoning community we have several ongoing projects requiring volunteers, email Ian Watson for further information.
MLNET also maintains a list of jobs in ML.
'Climbing the Ladder' ŠPReill
Visiting Researchers at ai-cbr (01/04/00)
ai-cbr is happy to help CBR researchers. If you would like to visit our lab for a while email Ian Watson with your resume and details of the research you are undertaking. Please note that no financial assistance can be given.
Career Opportunities at Inference Corporation (January 2000)
There are several vacancies at Inference Corporation worldwide.